4 Physique Types – Swimmers Body, Dancers Body, Gymnasts Body and Runners Body

When someone thinks of their dream body type, they often use popular sports physique types to describe it. It isn't uncommon to hear someone compare a mans build to that of a linebacker, or a womans build to that of a dancer. I am going to discuss in detail four types of athletic physiques.The Swimmers Body: Look no further than record breaking Olympic [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About the Goldendoodle!

Dogs today are very much a part of a family setting. They keep us entertained, put smiles on our faces, they are our children's best friends, they are there for us to talk [...]

Another Tale From The Fish

It is not only in academics that there are learning curves. The progressive steps in learning are also incorporated in athletics and sports as well. Take swimming for [...]

Friendly Places to Travel With Grand Children

My yearning to travel goes way back as far as I can remember. School field trips was one of my favorite things to do because our class visited places that were sometimes [...]

Be Safe in the Surf – a Guide to Surfing in Australia

Be Safe in the Surf Australian beaches are magic - they're clean and big and free ... but they can also be very dangerous. Here are some basic precautions to help [...]

Everyone Deserves An Alternative Lifestyle

We live our lives fettered by the need to conform to the preconceived notions of the community in which we reside and make our living. While that is perfectly necessary, [...]

Life Jackets For Kids, US Coast Guard Approved, What Does This Mean?

When in a swimsuit our three-year old daughter is fearless! She splashes about, chases waves, and giggles in pure delight. She holds her nose as she "dunks" [...]

Facts About Iguanas You Must Know

In its natural habitat, this animal will spend its day feeding and soaking in enough sunlight at choice spots where predators can best be avoided. Things are way [...]

7 Facts About Drinking Water for Dogs

We know water is the elixir of life for us. But do our dogs need drinking water? If so how much? When to give themwater? 7 facts about dog's drinking water have been listed [...]

How To Tell When Your Pregnant Guppy Fish Is Close To Having Babies

If you are planning to keep the fry that your female guppy fish produces, you will want to know approximately when she is due to drop her fry (have baby guppies). Adult [...]

Cool Dog Names – Whatcha Gonna Name That Puppy?

Your definition of what is cool really depends on your interests and personality. Naming your pet is the first step toward bonding. Don't pick a name because someone else [...]

What Makes Angelina Jolie Special

There's a reason why Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston, and that reason is named Angelina Jolie. But even four years after the fact, there are still many - particularly those [...]

Similar Near-Death Experiences of Nikola Tesla and Harry Houdini

Have you ever had a near-death experience? Many who have give remarkably similar accounts. Here are two similar accounts by two of the most brilliant people in the Twentieth [...]

Beauty and Abomination

Last night I rode my bicycle through my beloved polder. When I left home the evening glow was colouring the sky and when I returned it was pitch dark. Now it is light again, [...]

The Unaffectionate Mother

Almost every mother I know had heard about the Tiger Mom book and hated it. Not that any of them had read it, or so they claimed, but it was a best seller so somebody must [...]

Camping Holidays – Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages of camping holidays begin with adventure. A family can go wherever they want and camp there for as long as they have. From a camping base a family can go for [...]

25 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Business in Your Community

Are you in Direct Sales? Are you looking for creative ways to market your home business? If so, I have 25 creative ideas that you can use to advertise your home [...]

Aquaman Party Is Fun Time For Kids Of All Ages

Aquaman Party is a time when not only kids but adults can also participate and enjoy. Aquaman is a super hero who can be called as the King of the Sea. He has the [...]

Family Guy: A Top 5 List of Satirical Episodes

One of the most irreverent and openly crude shows on network television these days is Family Guy. The Family Guy fan base is vast, almost as large as its detractors, and [...]

Endangered Sea Turtles Of Saona Island – In the Dominican Republic

One of the most exciting things about going to Saona Island in the Dominican Republic is having the rare chance to actually observe a sea turtle in person! When you see one, [...]

The Development of Old Age and Related Issues

In traditional Chinese and other Asian cultures the aged were highly respected and cared for. The Igabo tribesmen of Eastern Nigeria value dependency in their aged and [...]